Laureate Wealth Strategies May session: May in Review

For the month of May, there were numerous educational opportunities that our attorneys had to give back to the professional community here in San Diego.  However, this month also features a national program in which partners Strazzeri and Mancini, along with David K. Cahoone, hosted the Laureate Wealth Strategies program to help teach, guide other professionals around the country for 3 days.

Below are the highlights in May:
  • May 1:  Business Buy/Sell and Contingency Planning taught by Alex Matuk, Esq.
  • May 8-10:  Laureate Wealth Strategies (May session)
  • May 13-14:  Medi-Cal Seminar at Claim Jumper (2 sessions)
  • May 20:  Crawford High School Mentoring for Alex Matuk, Esq.
  • May 22:  The Dunham Institute attended by Joe Strazzeri, Esq. and Steve Mancini, Esq.