Below you will find a variety of publications and books written/co-authored by attorney Joseph J. Strazzeri, Esq. and attorney Stephen J. Mancini, Esq. Topics vary from Estate Planning, Advanced Wealth Planning, to Business Planning.

Proposition 19

The current law allows for a personal residence to be distributed to a child without a reassessment regardless of the value of the residence. In addition, other real property in the aggregate of one million dollars can avoid reassessment.

Proposition 19 passed on November 3, 2020 significantly limits the ability of parents to leave real estate to their children without a reassessment of property taxes.

On December 11, 2020 the California Board of Equalization (BOE) issued guidance to the County Assessors. The BOE states Proposition 19 adds new provisions for a base year transfer of a primary residence.

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Strazzeri Mancini was honored to again be featured as the Law Firm of the Month in the September 2020 issue of the San Diego Attorney Journal Magazine. Please enjoy the below article entitled Gratitude, Evolution, and Resilience that describes how the firm has evolved in to the Family of Resources it is today and our gratitude to those who have contributed over the years.

Why Nevada video series with Jeffrey Dunham and Joe Strazzeri

One of the biggest drivers for clients when it comes to financial/estate/legal planning is that they want to preserve their assets by saving on taxes – whether it be estate tax, income tax, or capital gains tax.

Join Joe Strazzeri, along with our good friend and partner, Jeffrey Dunham, as they have an informal and straightforward discussion about “Pulling Back the Curtain on Nevada Trusts.”  Gain a high-level understanding of why and when a Nevada Trust might be an option as well as some of the most asked questions regarding features, types, benefits, opportunities, and advantages.  It doesn’t have to be that complicated!

Watch the full 23-minute video or one of the 9 Snippets broken into digestible nuggets of information as follows:

  • Jeffrey and Joe Opening
  • Why Nevada
  • Finding Out What is Important
  • Control versus Beneficial Enjoyment
  • What’s in their Soul
  • Grantor versus Non-Grantor Trust
  • Complete versus Incomplete Gifts
  • Features and Benefits
  • Takeaways

For California Doctors: A Guide to Asset Protection, Tax & Estate Planning

Generations: Planning Your Legacy

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