Teaching, Webinars, and Mentoring in March: March Review

From Thursday insights to the Crawford High School Mentoring, Strazzeri Mancini attorneys continue to engage in educational efforts that go beyond merely teaching and dispensing information.  The SMLLP approach to education combines both a theoretical exploration through direct instruction, while also coupling that with a pragmatic attempt at ensuring that knowledge can be acted upon and implemented.

Below are highlights for the month of March:

  • March 12:  Joe Strazzeri attending an industry Webinar
  • March 13:  Thursday’s Insights: Spring Mixer – a St. Patrick ’s Day Celebration
  • March 18:  Joe Strazzeri, Esq. PDP at Ranch and Coast at Delicious
  • March 18:  Mentoring at Crawford Academy with Alex Matuk, Esq.
  • March 20:  Strazzeri Mancini Family Care Educational Event
  • March 25:  Sharp Philanthropy Day for Joe Strazzeri, Esq.