Laureate November session, Estate Planning Council, and Call with George Pransky: November Review

This month included some of our normal activities and operations such educational events.  In November, our offices welcomed over 20 Laureate students for the November session of the Laureate program.  There were also mentoring opportunities that presented itself as Principal and Attorney Alex Matuk visited Crawford High School as a mentor.  An event that was unique to this month is the Professional Development call session with Dr. George Pranksy that was held on a Team Meeting Monday Morning.

Below are highlights to the month of November:

  • November 5:  North County Estate Planning Council meeting at Del Mar Marriott with Joe Strazzeri
  • November 5:  Special Needs Trusts Workshop with Stephen Mancini, Esq and Sal Capizzi
  • November 6 – 9:  Laureate Center November session
  • November 7:  Laureate Wealth Council and Wealth Counsel joint dinner
  • November 8:  The Financial Team special event at SeaWorld (SMLLP team invited)
  • November 11:  SMLLP Team Call with George Pransky
  • November 14:  Thursday Insights taught by Rob Pene (Director of Digital Education)
  • November 15:  Think Tank sessions with Joe Strazzeri and Shelley Lightfoot
  • November 19:  Crawford High School Mentoring Session with Alex Matuk
  • November 19:  San Diego Wealth Management Group with Trey Fairman
  • November 20:  Family Care Event (12pm & 5pm) for SMLLP clients
  • November 20:  Sharp Cardiac Inspire Leadership meeting for Joe Strazzeri
  • November 26:  Grossmont Board Meeting with Alex Matuk