Teaching, Partner Meeting, & Team Event: March Review

From the beginning of the year to the last portion of the first quarter, the Strazzeri Mancini office has been business as usual.  Client case work, internal team training, visiting with new clients, and of course, educational opportunities.

This month the team took a day away from the office to enjoy a restful and relaxing day at the Mission Bay park.  This “team event” day was held with every team member present.  A few weeks prior to the team event, the Partners took their annual trip to Port Townsend, WA for an exclusive partner meeting.

Here is the month of March in Review:

  • March 1:  Alex Matuk teaches with Financial Advisor Greg Banner entitled “Begin with the end in mind”
  • March 9:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini conduct a Compelling Message session for financial firm
  • March 13:  Joe Strazzeri and Alex Matuk present at a Regional Conference for Edward Jones group in Carlsbad, CA
  • March 14:  Joe Strazzeri presents at Del Mar Financial Partners CLIA #4
  • March 15:  Joe Strazzeri presents with Rob Pene at Best Practices of AmericaSymposium
  • March 16-19:  SMLLP Partners at Port Townsend, WA for partner meeting
  • March 29:  Strazzeri Mancini Law Firm take the day off to host Team Event at Mission Bay Park