Teaching, Conferences, and The Compelling Message: January Review at the Law Firm

Happy New Year!  Here at Strazzeri Mancini, we’re very excited for another year to serve our clients and build with our internal team.  We have a lot of exciting things planned in the new year for our firm in general, but more importantly, we’re gearing up to become a more efficiently moving Law Firm to increase our support and care for our clients.

In review, not only did we experience a technology upgrade with our computer systems,  etc, but we also served the community through a variety of Educational engagements in which our attorneys attended or taught at.  Attorney Joe Strazzeri attended a national conference for the Mergers & Acquisitions industry in Las Vegas, while Attorney Steve Mancini and Alex Matuk were able to make a teaching appearance locally.

Below is a listing of highlights for the month:

January 5:  Alex Matuk teaches at Thursday Insights for Southern California Institute

January 11:  Joe Strazzeri teaches Practice Developer Program CLIA 2 at Del Mar Financial Partners

January 17:  Joe Strazzeri makes an appearance at the San Diego Wealth Management Group meeting

January 17:  Stephen Mancini makes an appearance at the Estate Planning Council meeting

January 18:  Joe Strazzeri attends AM&AA Conference in Las Vegas

January 19:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini teach “Growing your Practice through Partnering” at Thursday Insights

January 25:  Alex Matuk and Joe Strazzeri teach a Practice Developer Program for MetLife Advisors ACE 201

January 28:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini conduct a Compelling Messagesession with The Financial Team firm