Full day of Taping and the last Laureate sessions for the year: November Review

In a shortened month as the beginning of the holiday season kicks in gear with Thanksgiving, our attorneys continued in their effort to enhance practices among those in the industry.  Principals and Founders Joe Strazzeri and Steve Mancini spent a full day in November 7th to roll out a brand new Practice Developer Program entitled “Behind The Conversation“

This insightful program was recorded and filmed a day before the start of the final Laureate Wealth Strategies session held the following 3-days.  Many of the Laureate students attended the Behind the Conversation session and were recipients of this informative and insightful new information to help improve practices.

Below are highlights from the month of November:

  • Nov. 7 – Behind The Conversation series
  • Nov. 8 – Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 1
  • Nov. 9 – Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 2
  • Nov. 10 – Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 3
  • Nov. 14 – Foundation and Charity event dinner (joe, steve, carol)
  • Nov. 15 – Joe Strazzeri teaches “End of the Year” session at Thursday Insights
  • Nov. 17 – Nov. 25 : Strazzeri Family Vacation
  • Nov. 21 – Nov. 25 : Offices closed for Thanksgiving Break