Attorneys teach at the California Forums for CPA’s, Family Vacation, Mancini Wedding: June Review

As the summer season blooms, the attorneys of SMLLP prepare to go on vacation to spend quality time with their families.  Before Joe and Steve head out on vacation they had an active schedule for the beginning of the month.  Attorney Alex Matuk also found himself at a variety of programs educating the attendees.  Joe and Steve took their family to the beautiful islands of Hawaii to celebrate Stephen Mancini and Carol Mancini’s renewal of their wedding vows.

Below is a list of highlights for the month:

June 6:  Alex Matuk attends an Estate and Business Planning seminar for Professional Advisors

June 7:  SMLLP attorneys teach at the California Forums for CPA’s

June 13:  Joe Strazzeri teaches at MetLife ACE206: “Understanding and Designing Your Future Practice”

June 13:  Joe Strazzeri teaches at MetLife FEC256: “Integrated Wealth Strategies: Case Study”

June 13:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini hold Laureate Wealth Strategies 1st Team Training Tele-Conference

June 27:  Alex Matuk teaches on Business Succession Planning at San Diego Bank

Presentation list for CA Forum held June 7th:

Alex Matuk and Wendy Wilson presents “Proper Reporting May Prevent Estate Litigation”

Stephen Mancini and Trey Fairman presents “Life Insurance – Appropriate? Or Even Necessary?“

Joe Strazzeri and Paul Scott presents “Evolving the Business –  Yours and/or Your Clients“

*Note: The above links point you directly to the Digital Program of each presentation, including a Video trailer of the program, downloadable MP3, full powerpoint presentation, and the pdf notes.

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