Estate Planning is a familiar phrase; the meaning depends on the understanding of the person hearing or reading it. It may mean a Will, a power of attorney, a trust, etc. Most people associate estate planning with distribution of assets at death.

Proper estate planning allows you to plan for yourself and your loved ones without giving up control of your affairs. It contemplates protection of your family members from creditors/divorce and provides for the possibility of your own disability.

At Strazzeri Mancini LLP, the process is straightforward – a four step process that involves two appointments, namely, “The Initial Visit”, and a “Signing Ceremony”.


Our Client Relations Coordinator will meet with you over the phone and:

  • Gain a basic understanding of your unique situation and concerns;
  • Provide an explanation of our planning process;
  • Set an Initial Visit appointment to meet with an Attorney;
  • Email and mail our Care to Know™ Planning Kit to you which includes:
    • Date and time of your appointment;
    • Directions to the office;
    • Explanation of the process ahead;
    • Document checklist;
    • *Care to Know™ Insights Booklet; and
    • Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope;
    • Summary of the discussion, objectives and results from the initial telephone call.

The Prospective Client will:

  • Review the appointment date and time in their confirmation letter;
  • Gather the documents on the document checklist;
  • Complete the Care to Know™ Insights Booklet; and
  • Use the Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope or email to return the requested documents and the completed Care to Know™ Planning Kit prior to your appointment.

EVALUATION (Internal firm meeting)

The team members at Strazzeri Mancini will review and evaluate the information provided to be prepared for the Initial Visit.


At the Initial Visit appointment, the Attorney will discuss:

  • Your situation and the information that you have provided in the Care to Know™ Insights Booklet;
  • Your individual goals and family values;
  • A review of available options;
  • Create and document a plan to address your goals and concerns;
  • A review of time frames, costs, and additional documents needed to complete your plan;
  • Our Family Trust Program; and
  • Set a date and time for your Confirmation meeting.


Our Signing Coordinator will meet to review the prepared documents, supervise signing, witnessing and notarization of plan documents.