Strazzeri Mancini Attorney’s teach at a National 2-day Conference: February Review

The month started off with Steve and Carol Mancini making an appearance at a Wealth Counsel event in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Steve was asked to briefly address the attendees and encourage them.  Below you’ll find video footage of the appearance and the event.

Later in the month, the Strazzeri Mancini attorney’s spent some time at a national conference held in La Jolla, CA, teaching professionals from across the country on a variety of topics.  As you may already know, education is a key component to enhancing a practice and building quality relationship, and the SMLLP attorneys value every opportunity to teach and share.

Below is a listing of highlights for the month:

February 3:  Carol Mancini and Stephen Mancini attend WealthCounselevent in Manhattan Beach, CA

February 7:  Alex Matuk attends North County Estate Planning Council Meeting

February 16:  Stephen Mancini and Joe Strazzeri teach Thursday Insights session on Asset Protection Planning

February 23 & 24:  SMLLP attorneys teach at The Gathering event hosted by The Laureate Center

February 25:  Joe Strazzeri teaches with Rob Pene at Cooper McManus Company Retreat in Laguna Beach, CA