Strazzeri and Mancini Family Vacation, More Teaching: April Review

The Strazzeri Mancini law firm experienced another great productive month.  From conference calls mentoring new Wealth Advisors, to more teaching engagement, the firm was business as usual.

This month, however, saw the Strazzeri AND Mancini go on a family vacation together.  The 2 partner families have a relationship deeper than business.  They truly are family’s connected in every way.  Attorney Stephanie Downer and Wendy Wilson, along with Partner Alex Matuk held down the fort to continue casework and client care.

Here are the highlights of the month of April:

April 3:  Alex Matuk makes appearance at North County Estate Planning meeting

April 3:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini conduct Conference Call with David K. Cahoone for Wealth Advisors

April 4- April 16:  Strazzeri and Mancini Family Vacation

April 11:  Alex Matuk teaches a Practice Developer Program at Del Mar Financial: CLIA #5 Series

April 18- April 20:  Joe Strazzeri, Shelley Lightfoot, Stephen Mancini conduct a 3-day session with group from Best Practices of America

April 19:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini teach at Thursday Insights for SCI

April 23:  Stephen Mancini makes appearance at dinner event hosted by Wealth Counsel

April 24:  Understanding Your Practice session facilitated by Joe Strazzeri and Shelley Lightfoot

April 24:  Understanding Your Practice session facilitated by Joe Strazzeri and Shelley Lightfoot

April 25:  Understanding Your Practice session facilitated by Alex Matuk and Shelley Lightfoot

April 25:  Alex Matuk teaches Practice Developer Program for MetLife ACE 204

April 25:  Joe Strazzeri teaches Practice Developer Program for MetLife FEC 254