Celebrating Joe’s 50th birthday, the birth of twins, and our team event: January 2013 Review

At the start of the new year, our Strazzeri Mancini firm experienced a myriad of wonderful occurrences.  From the crowing moment of Principal Joe Strazzeri’s 50th birthday bash to the miracle of birth with Rob Pene’s twins being born on the 2nd of the month, it was an exciting time to be a part of the Strazzeri Mancini team.

Below are a few highlights from our first month in 2013

Highlights for the month of January:

  • Joe Strazzeri’s 50th Birthday Party
  • Strazzeri Mancini Team Building Event in downtown San Diego
  • Rob Pene’s twins were born January 2nd
  • Joe Strazzeri and Shelley Lightfoot teach at Southern California Institute’s Thursday Insights
  • Joe Strazzeri and Steve Mancini make an appearance at WealthCounsel event
  • Alex Matuk and Shelley Lightfoot teach Part 1 of a Practice Developer Program at Del Mar Financial Group