California Forums for Attorneys, Strazzeri teaches at the Dunham Institute: May Review

In the month of May, the attorneys at the firm participated in the beginning sessions of 2 different programs, The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors, and the California Forums.  The Laureate Center program started its first of three sessions; Joe and Steve, along with David K. Cahoone ushered in the Laureate program with an evening Welcome reception followed by three consecutive days of full day workshops.  The attorneys of SMLLP also taught at the beginning of multiple California Forum programs.

Below is a listing of highlights for the month:

May 10:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 1

May 11:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 2

May 12:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 3

May 15:  Stephen Mancini attends EPCSD Chapter Meeting

May 17:  SMLLP Attorneys teach at the California Forums for Attorneys hosted by SCI

May 24:  Stephanie Downer and Wendy Wilson teach “Trustee Training” workshop at SCI Thursday Insights

May 24:  Joe Strazzeri speaks at Dunham Institute in San Diego

For more information on the California Forums visit:

For more information on the LCW visit:

For more information on the Dunham Institute visit:

Presentation list for CA Forum held May 17th:

– Alex Matuk and Wendy Wilson presents “A Different Perspective on Preparing for your Day in Court”

– Stephen Mancini and Trey Fairman presents “Life Insurance – Appropriate? Or Even Necessary?”

– Joe Strazzeri and Paul Scott presents “Evolving the Business”

*Note: The above links point you directly to the Digital Program of each presentation, including a Video trailer of the program, downloadable MP3, full powerpoint presentation, and the pdf notes.