Ela Degen, Programs Director & Strategic Assistant

Ela was born and raised in Poland and has a master’s degree in Public Administration.  She has also had a successful career in the restaurant and hospitality industry as a manager and event planner.

In 2021, Ela decided to embark on a new adventure, moving to San Diego.  In her new environment, she continued to flourish professionally, utilizing her talents as a wedding planner, creating magical moments for couples on their special day.

Ela’s passion for personal and professional growth led her to join the Southern California Institute in August 2022 as a Programs Director.  In this role, she oversees the development and implementation of various programs, ensuring their success and effectiveness.

Beyond her professional life, Ela is an adventurous soul.  She finds solace in exploring the underwater world through snorkeling and is an avid traveler, constantly seeking for new experiences and immersing herself in different cultures.